Our small flower business Flowers from M.E. works by pre-order at least 3 days ahead.

Why by pre-order?

We work by pre-order because we want our flowers to be on the highest level for each customer.All our products are made by pre-order by selecting the date at least 3 days before the desired order.

Our florist is located in Dublin and we delivery at the moment just in Dublin and Surrounds.

Delivery Date:

The Flowers are definitely delivered on the desired date.

Our flowers are shipped via Flowers from M.E. Delivery without signature.

Delivery Time:

Our product are delivered between 7a.m.-8p.m. every day.

(If you have a special requirement, please get in touch with us on our email :

All our flowers are made with love for your special event and is hard to give you an exact time for delivery(as all our customers wants them ASAP)

We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them.Prices our website is design to calculate the fee depends on your location.

Make sure you add your postcode and as many details as possible for easy delivery.

When the order will arrive at the customer, the person who delivers will take a final picture of the delivered product to ensure that the product has arrived safely at the customer.

Delivery Charge:

Delivery Charge is based on distance. In Dublin 9 delivery is 9.95 euro (Radius of  first 10 km from our location ,after that from 11 km and more is calculating 1euro/km )

Our location is on 20 Coolgreena Road, Beaumont, Dublin 9.


Collection available daily between 7a.m.-8p.m.

Are available in our location 20 Coolgreena Road, Beaumont, Dublin 9.

Please, send an email with your desired time to pick them up.(as we are working by appointment only).

"Flowers from M.E." is a small business with a big assortments of Luxury flowers.

WE working just with fresh and quality flowers direct ordered from Holland for each customer.

Please note that due to seasonality, some flowers, they may not be available all year round. If any flowers are not available due to seasonality, they will be replaced with similar flowers.

More Questions about Delivery Service should be sent to us at

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