Caring for Flowers from M.E. Bouquets.

Fresh Flowers are Beautiful.

To improve their lives in your house or in your vase.

Flowers from M.E. recommend the following instructions:

  • If flowers are in bouquet wrapped in wrapping paper for flowers, remove them from the packaging.
  • Flowers cut approximately 1cm-2cm from the end of stems using scissors.
  • Fill your vase with 3/4 room-temperature water.
  • Add in water of vase the flower food and stir to mix.
  • Follow the guidelines written on the back of the food sachet.
  • Remove any foliage which lies beneath the water because will cause bacteria to grow in the water.
  • Keep flowers in a cool location, away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Check the water level every day and change the water every other day.
  • Re-cut the stems by removing one inch with a sharp knife at a 45-degree angle then place back in the water filled vase.
  • Flowers a very delicate in nature and need to be taken care of after being presented to you.
  • Flowers no longer live in soil where they belong and their new home is with you for some time.


Caring for Flowers from M.E. Fresh Flowers in Signature Boxes.

Fresh Flowers Arrangements are so Beautiful and Luxury.

To improve their lives in your house.

 Flowers from M.E. recommend the following instructions:

  • Please Keep your arrangement indoor, away from any direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents.
  • Please don't place them directly under celling fans or radiators.
  • Keep flowers arrangement in a cool spot 18-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Flowers from M.E. Signature Boxes: Using a jug, add 100ml-200ml room-temperature water every other day from the middle into the base of the boxes.
  • Sometimes if needed, re-cut the stems of the flowers by removing on inch with a sharp knife at a 45-degree angle, then place back into the water absorbed foam from the arrangement.


Dried flowers have quickly taken off in popularity and offer a long-lasting alternative to traditional flowers.

We have few quick tips to keeping the dried flowers looking their best.

Dried Flowers can last for a year or more!

Flowers from M.E. recommend the following instructions:

  • Keeping the bouquet tied but fluffing the stems slightly.Be gentle-dried flowers are delicate.
  • Keep the dry flowers out of Direct Sunlight. If the dried flowers will stay too much in the sun and the stems will start to lose their colour.
  • These dried bouquets do not need any water. Simply place in the vase and let the stems shine.
  • Cut Stems as Needed.
  • Dried flowers aren't fans of humid air. Keep it in a cool place to ensure it lives a long, fulfilling life.


Caring for Flowers from M.E. Long Life/Preserved Flowers in Signature Boxes and Bouquets.

Long Life /Preserved Flowers are so Beautiful, Luxury and Perfect.

Caring for your Flowers from M.E. arrangement is simple:

  • Please keep the arrangement or bouquet in a room temperature environment.
  • Please do not remove the Long Life/Preserved Flowers from the boxes.
  • Long Life Roses/Preserved Flowers are very delicate product, be mindful when carrying the arrangement.
  • Do not water.
  • Do not expose to direct light or dust.
  • The flowers is not edible and can stain.
  • Do not place anything into the florals as they can crush and damage the florals.
  • Do not remove the florals from the box, vase or bouquet, they are secure there.
  • If you follow these simple instructions the flowers will last a lifetime.


Caring for Flowers from M.E. Faux Flowers.

Faux Flowers are Amazing.

Different ways to care for your Artificial Flowers:

  • Do weekly dusting.Unlike organic flowers that wilt after some time, your Flowers from M.E. flowers only gather dust and look pretty all-year round. For light dust deposit, try cleaning it lightly with any type of the cloth.
  • Give them a salty treatment. Salt is abrasive without being damaging.Use it to remove dirt and grime from your artificial silk flowers.To accomplish this, place your artificial flower arrangements inside a resealable bag and sprinkle coarse salt. Seal the bag and shake it, letting the salt scratch through and loosen the grime and dust coating the entirety of the arrangement.
  • Go traditional with soap and water. If your flower arrangement isn’t too sensitive to moisture in general, try dunking them in a sink filled with soap and water. For good measure, skip this strategy if your arrangement is made up of flowers that have been hand-wrapped as it may weaken the floral tape and erode the glue, breaking apart the flower from the stem/branch. Avoid using warm water as it might melt or damage your arrangement’s colour and texture.  Once done, rinse your arrangement with water and dry lightly with a towel.

Dust and dirt on an otherwise attractive plant are immediate giveaways that the plant is faux.

Keeping it clean makes it look as healthy and  fresh as a live one.

PRESERVED MOSS ART Flowers from M.E.  

Preserved Moss look spactacular and bring an extra freshness to any room, but few people know how easy it is to care for preserved reindeer moss, how little maintenance they require and how beneficial they are for our health.

Preserved moss Flowers from M.E. care depends on very few factors, which is why moss decorations can last up to 15 years.The conditions necessary to keep moss fresh and minimal, with a little attention anyone can take care of their well-being.

Preserved moss does not need special light conditions, being suitable even for bathrooms that do not have a window. It must be taken into account that it must not be kept in direct sunlight because it can dry out.

Flowers from M.E. moss must be protected from direct sunlight and kept in rooms with at least 40% humidity. This way they will remain soft to the touch and last for a long time.

Flowers from M.E. Preserved Moss care:

  • Do not water the preserved moss.
  • Maintain a minimum of 40%humidity in the room.
  • Do not place the moss near heat sources.
  • Do not place the moss in direct sunlight.
  • Do not vacuum the moss with a vacuum cleaner.
  • They do not need light.

The benefits of Flowers from M.E. Preserved Moss include the following:

  • Indicates if the humidity is optimal.
  • Reduces mold and excessive humidity.
  • Cleans and purifies the air.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Provides a positive energy.
  • Is antistatic.
  • Is fire redundant.

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